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Mō te taiao te take

One lunar cycle dedicated to giving back to our taiao, our environment


Pipiri Ki A Papatūānuku

Matariki in Aotearoa is a time of rejuvenation and reset for both people and planet. PKP encourages individuals, whānau and other groups from both Aotearoa and around the world to dedicate just one lunar cycle to our taiao.

Getting started.

Choose your actions

as many or as little as you want

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Join the movement

as an individual, whānau or group

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Share & hashtag



Make sure to enter your maunga/mountains and wai ora/waterways to represent on their behalf



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Eat meat free; no industrially farmed beef, lamb, pork or chicken


Eat dairy free; no industrially farmed dairy milk or dairy products

Tūkino Free

Eat naturally sourced kai; no industrially farmed meats or trawled seafoods

No Kai Waste

Manage kai waste; divert your kai waste from going to landfill

No Textile Waste

Manage textile waste; avoid fast-fashion and don't buy new

No Plastic Waste

Manage plastic waste; prevent all new unnecessary plastics from entering your life


Recycle properly; learn and practice how to recycle properly


Reuse one item; choose one item in your everyday to reuse


Refuse all packaging; avoid bringing any unmanageable waste into your life


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Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see all information live from the team during #PKP2021. Stay informed on all other PKP projects and see how our team and wider PKP community manage themselves on their PKP journey through Matariki.



PKP started in 2017 with a humble 2 sign ups - us. Before we left for Canada to meet with the Indigenous peoples' of the whenua/land, we launched our first ever PKP campaign. Our aim was, and still is, to continue to raise awareness around the actual state of our taiao, our environment, both here in Aotearoa and around the world.

Since 2017, we have been involved in many projects and works both on the ground in our haapori, in our communities, and in governance spaces. In recent years PKP has reached nearly 2,500 sign ups. Despite the different works PKP has been fortunate to influence, the heart of the kaupapa, of this initiative, is here, on the ground for one dedicated lunar cycle.


By choosing to run PKP by the Māori lunar calendar and by Matariki, we immediately choose to operate in accordance to our taiao. PKP is not just about waste and food, it's about reconnecting to our natural eco-systems so we can thrive.



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Our work wouldn't be possible without your support. This year we give special thanks to the following for amping #PKP2021:


For general enquiries hit us up on Instagram or Facebook, for formal requests get in touch below.

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