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"Individual action, collective impact, system change"

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Pipiri Ki A Papatūānuku

One month dedicated to collective action for our natural world.

Being a part of PKP means being part of a safe space for fam to:


Develop an increased awareness around the actual state of our taiao - environment.


Understand how our everyday actions can be harmful on our pepeha -

geographical connections.


Confidently practice small actions to reduce our collective impact as a whānau - family.


4.9 million people signed up to PKP without even knowing

​Humanity's focus was on essential needs only and for the majority of Aotearoa, intentional time was allocated to keeping close to whānau and taiao. 4-5 intense weeks of this new norm, smashing our envisioned PKP target margins by 49,000%.

On the ground though, the impacts of COVID-19 and global circumstances weren’t as rejuvenating for some of our communities. Because of this, we knew this years PKP had to adapt to the current social environment. Given we had observed significant and positive environmental impact already; we were comfortable to be fluid with change for PKP2020. On the announcement of L2 in Aotearoa we decided our focus is going to be less about numbers and more about impact. PKP 2020 is for our ground-zero immediate whānau.

Sign ups will stay open for all to participate. However, our content will be channelled to and for our whānau. Documenting and sharing the PKP journey from our home perspectives in Waikato, for Waikato #PKP4OURWHĀNAU #PKP4BLM.



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The PKP actions have been revamped for PKP 2020. Moving away from negative narratives around plastic pollution and focusing more toward solution-based actions that propagate active stewardship. Meet the 3 new C's - Compost, Consumer, and Conscious.


Eat meat free; no industrially farmed beef, lamb, pork and chicken


Eat dairy free; no industrially farmed dairy milk or dairy products

Tūkino Free

Eat wild-caught meats and seafoods; no industrially farmed meats or trawled seafoods


Food waste composter; divert all food waste from going to landfill


Responsible consumer; buy minimal, local, used, eco-friendly, alternative products


Intentionally aware; dedicate time to connecting with pepeha


Recycle all recyclables; learn and implement correct recycling methods


Reuse one reusable; reduce single use plastic waste one item at a time


Refuse all packaging; minimise waste by refilling containers


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Bringing you the raw, live, crack-up, deep and real vids of us doing the thing. Heart is what leads PKP, collective brain power is what drives it, documenting helps extend our outreach to inspire you to lead on your lands and in your respective communities.


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Follow us on instagram and facebook to see live updates from the team and our whānau during PKP 2020. Stay informed on what other projects PKP has going on in our communities.



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Pipiri Ki A Papatūānuku is a digital initiative that provides nine key actions that any individual can commit to during Pipiri. These actions range from minimising the amount of plastic we use, to changing the way we eat.

Click icons to learn more

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Meat Free

Kai Manga


A plant-based diet cuts your personal carbon footprint by 50%. By choosing not to eat industrially farmed, grown and/or produced meat, you immediately reduce your impact by half. This is one of the single greatest actions you can take to minimise your individual contribution to climate change. The release of methane gas from ruminant livestock (sheep and cattle) amounts to almost 1/3 of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions, and it is the largest contributor. Methane also accounts for over 40% of all emissions in terms of global warming potential.


You don’t have to give it up all at once, take a few approaches. There is hierarchy of impact from different meat starting from beef, lamb, pork and then chicken having the lower impact. Meat-Free Mondays, 1-week Meat-Free, Weekdays Meat-Days, Weekends Meat-Ends, etc. It’s up to you, start small and work your way toward a goal you set out for yourself for this action.

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I want to do PKP but how do I start?

You don’t need to sign up if you feel you’re not ready. Read through the actions and see if you learn anything that might help you make the first step. Start by making some small changes for one week, maybe. Baby steps, the more you change the more you’ll learn so just start small.

After reading through the actions and you feel you’re ok to sign up, click here to get started.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up.

How do I find out more about how to manage my waste?

There are many Facebook groups/pages and Instagram accounts with digestible content to help you learn more about how to manage your waste. In most groups you can ask questions, or look up your question in the search and see if it’s already been answered. You can also be a fly on the wall in the groups and observe what others post, tips and tricks, approaches you might not have thought of.

Check out: Zero Waste NZ.

What’s recyclable and what’s not?

Check out the link below for more information on what can and cannot be recycled in the Auckland area. Recycling differs in all regions, meaning some regions and councils may allow for pick up and recycling of things, and others might not. A good practice is to check out your own council page for correct and updated information. Given COVID-19, there have also been other regulations put in place to manage health and safety.

Check out your own local council website for info on waste and recycling collection.

Also check out - Auckland Council Recycling Guide.

What happened to soft plastic recycling?

Two years ago China and Australia closed their countries off to external sources of waste. This meant that soft plastic recycling (that used to be seen in circle barrels in our supermarkets) no longer had somewhere to be recycled. Soft plastic recycling has been re-established in some supermarkets.

Check out: https://www.recycling.kiwi.nz/store-locator for more information on where to take your soft plastics.

What do you do with your food scraps/waste?

We have both bokashi and organic compost systems. Both are great and serve different needs. There are a few ways you can manage your kai/food waste from home; bokashi, organic, worm farms, pig buckets and local council systems are just some.

Check out our video for a quick run down of our bokashi system.

Check out our FB videos section to see updates on content for action: compost during PKP 2020-06-03

Who are some good people to follow for inspiration?

PKPThatsMe Instagram account for Pipiri Ki A Papatūānuku initiative.

Te Kawa Robb

Continued awareness and education in the waste management space.

Zero Waste NZ! Help with minimising waste, up cycling, reusing, and more. PlantbasedMāori Inspiration around the narrative around a plant based/vegan lifestyle. Māori and Pasifika Vegans Recipe ideas, good vegan spots around NZ, tips, tricks and more. Chris Huriwai Insightful messaging around dairy, farming and agricultural realities. TheHacksNZ Vegan and plant based recipes and advice around achieving balance. Para Kore Waste minimisation initiative for Marae sustainability around Aotearoa. Hana Tapiata Discussions and self-inquiry about important narratives, connection and belonging.

What are some nice tukino-free recipes?

Follow us on IG PKPTHATSME and check out our highlights for tūkino-free, meat and dairy alternative, plastic and packaging free kai ideas. See also the Tupuanuku business for some wicked plantbased and vegan food recipes.

Where are some vegan/plantbased/tukino-free eateries?

Plantbased/Plantbased Options - Auckland

Lord of the Fries

Doornuts Donuts

Tart Bakery

Little Bird Organics

The Butchers Son

Sunflower Thai Restaurant



Wise Boys Burgers

Gorilla Kitchen

*Many more….

Plantbased/Plantbased Options - Wellington


Aroha Plantbased

Aunty Menas

Lord of the Fries

Sweet Release


Big Sur

*Many more….

Plantbased/Plantbased Options - Hamilton

Yalla Yalla café

Vegan Café

Nourish Pod

Sechuan House

Dumpling House

The Sugar Bowl

Winner Winner

*Many more…

Takeaway (with vege/plantbased options)

Burger King Rebel Whopper

Dominos Pizza Vegan Range

Hells Pizza Vegan Range

Burgerfuel Vegan Options

Pizza Hut Vegan Options

*Google it

Do I have to choose all the actions?

Put simply, no. You can choose 1, 3, 5, any combination depending on which areas you want to focus on for the month. There’s no set number, you don’t even have to choose any. Shared awareness and a safe-place for fam to start on their journey in this space is what were here for. Increased numbers help to achieve collective impact, but it starts with mindset shift, action follows inevitably but it’s a journey and we encourage going at your own pace.

What do I do if I’m in a situation where I can’t fulfill the action I chose?

If this is a one-off – adjust with your social environment. There are going to be times where it’s going to be hard, where you might not be able to fulfill and deliver all the time – we do what we can. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Some likely scenarios:

  1. If you chose to go meat-free and someone has offered/made you a feed that has meat, they don’t know you’re on PKP, you’re a guest and/or you feel uncomfortable declining the gesture. Do what makes you feel most at ease, if that means eating the meal and taking that time to talk about your journey, that’s great.
  2. You’re up or out late and the only food available that you can afford, will somewhat sustain you, but it’s meat and/or dairy – same as above.
  3. You have limited money and the only food you can afford comes in packaging, but it’s meat/dairy free, same as scenario 1 – do what makes you feel most at ease.
  4. You know there are more plastic free conscious consumer items you can buy, but you can’t/don’t have the means to get them all right away – start with 1. Choose 1 item to change up to be either plastic-free or purchased locally.
  5. Remember: PKP is not about being perfect, we’re all going to fuck up, lets fuck up together and keep trying every single day.

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"We always say in our koorero; ko te rangi, ko te papa, ko te whenua. We always uphold that, yet, somehow or rather we manage to destroy it. We need to stop doing that."

- Nana Mamae Takerei

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Our vision is that our descendants are left prosperous lands and flourishing waters for the next seven generations

Our mission is to empower generations to stand as custodians of the natural world and collectively leverage our autonomy as consumers to influence fundamental change in modern evolving society.

PKP is a testament to the unlimited possibilities available to you when you follow your heart and lead with purpose. Pipiri Ki A Papatūānuku is a legacy carried on from our tūpuna and hopefully to be left for our mokopuna to carry on when we leave. A constant reminder that kaitiakitanga means nothing unless you’re living it. Pipiri Ki A Papatūānuku is more than a kaupapa - it is a way of life.


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Ōku maunga Taupiri, Huruiki, Ngongotahā, Ōtūkani. Ōku waiora Waikato, Mōkau, Te Awahou, Hāparapara. Ko Waimirirangi ahau. Ōku maunga Taupiri, Mōtakiora, Mauao. Ōku waiora Waikato, Mangaokewa, Tauranga Moana. Ko Tamoko-o-te-Rangi ahau. We are Wai and Ta, these are the mountains and waterways we descend from; the heart of PKP and the foundation from which this initiative started.

We started PKP 4 years ago and it's one of our biggest achievements to date. From PKPs conception, our lives have evolved for the f-cking better. We don't just run PKP in the background, we have strived every single day since Pipiri 2017 to live PKP. This journey has led us to positions of influence to drive action for our taiao not only on the ground, but around decision making tables, recently in ministries and with international influencers. Wai dropped out of university and paved her own path in environmental and Indigenous governance and development. She's travelled the world with PKP and actively seeks to be an example of realisation for young people who are taught to think that uni is the only way. Ta was the only Māori graduate from his Engineering Science class of 2016. He pivoted from his formal career path in local council and paved an applied career path in environmental projects and circular economy in our communities, now inspired to pursue further research education in these spaces. We're definitely not perfect and we don't strive to be. Every step we take on this earth we take with intent to do more for our people, to be better for our communities.


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For general enquiries message our facebook or instagram accounts, for formal requests and queries get in touch below.

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